Not all our furniture cost big bucks. Wednesday morning I stopped at Syracuse University Excess Property and picked up a 30″x45″ Steelcase work table for $5. Managed to get it home — it barely fit in the car — and left it in the yard under a tarp until today, when I cleared a space in the entropy sink we call the study and we muscled it upstairs and in. (Some disassembly required.) There’s a desk in the study but aside from the computer occupying the middle of it there’s a phone and a perpetual collection of papers and junk, so another horizontal surface in there is a big deal.

Then I sorted through my electronics components, new and old, and did some breadboarding. Four of the six oscillators in the WSG consist basically of an IC (actually all six oscillators share one IC), two resistors (one’s a pot, but for breadboarding purposes I used two fixed resistors) and a capacitor. I built one oscillator. Ridiculously simple but it took me a while to convince myself it was working. Part of that was the discovery that the batteries that leaked in my Pignose ages ago completely destroyed one of the battery contacts. So I plugged a universal wall wart into it and finally heard my oscillator working, but also heard the Pignose humming a lot. I don’t know why. I may have to invest $20 in a Honeytone or something.

Remind me again why I got rid of my oscilloscope? Oh, right, because I never used it. Moron.

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