How much can I blog on in one day?

On closer inspection I think the filter is working more or less OK, and part of the problem was just that it was filtering a lot of what I was listening for. I yanked the RC network to in essence filter at infinite frequency and the output level went up. Still not all that loud, but at least clearly audible.

I’ve demonstrated the following mods will work: HFO3/4 disable at filter (trivial); unfiltered signal output; HFO3/4 CV inputs. I don’t have an LED at the moment so I can’t test the power indicator but how can that not work? Likewise, how can the output amp not work? That leaves the external source input. Hmm. …

OK, that’s done! I put the SX-150 output through the (modified) filter mixed with the two HFOs. All the mods ought to work.

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