Very Mock Morris

Edit: I finally figured out how to notate BP key signatures without messing anything up. I finally get the point of the microabc “dumbacc:” command (though for various reasons I didn’t use it). PDF file link has been updated to a new version with the G lambda key signature, rendered more or less correctly!

Bohlen-Pierce morris tune

It’s probably a bad idea to launch straight into this big, ambitious composing project when I’ve never written anything in Bohlen-Pierce before. So as a warmup exercise, and to kick off 30DoC, I figured I’d dash off something simple. How about a stoopid little morris tune?

Simple, right. Took me under ten minutes, I’d guess, to get the notes down. Took me hours to get it into a good key, get the MIDI rendering and Postscript/PDF notation right, tweak the rhythms, learn how to do stereo… a shakedown of the system I’m cobbling together to make BP composition slightly less unfeasible than it would be otherwise, about which more later. And a real learning process.

Not, by the way, that the audio rendering is at all polished; it’s not. But it gives you the idea.

So here it is! MP3 and PDF. Definitely weird stuff… and yet definitely tonal. I think the tonic and “dominant” chords work pretty well, odd though they are. I deliberately put the melody and accompaniment far apart in the stereo field so you can listen to each more or less on its own.

All morris tunes sound alike, some people say; well, this one doesn’t sound like the rest… and yet in a way it does. In its own strange way, very “Bobby and Joan”-like.

No origami today, I haven’t even picked out which module I’m going to turn my brain to pudding with… bought some paper though.

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