Plan B update

  1. First step in completing the WSG is going to be to get the case ready for mounting the hardware. It’ll be easier to do that now while the circuit board and front panel are not conjoined. I had sketched out how to do that but I think I have an easier idea based on materials I have. In particular it’ll need some 1×3 pine and some thin plywood. Do I have thin plywood?
    Ex clementine crate
    I do now!
  2. Doing some hardware research. From what I’ve seen so far it looks like the Arduino Due is hands down, no question, absolutely the way to go for a powerful off the shelf music hacking board. (Was that definite enough?) Until it went out of stock you could buy, for $50, a MeeBlip board built around an ATmega32A chip running at 16 MHz, with 32 kB flash and 2 kB SRAM; it has 8 analog inputs, 8 digital input/outputs, and dual 8-bit DAC. The Due has an 84 MHz SAM3X8E chip with 512 kB flash and 96 kB SRAM, 12 analog inputs, 54 digital I/O, and dual 12-bit DAC. For the same price!
  3. And software research. I can figure out at least parts of the MeeBlip source code well enough to get some good ideas from that. And I’ve been looking into digital filters. I’ve done some messing around in a spreadsheet with formulas from; here are some filters with resonance applied on a square wave:Digital filters
    Mmmm, resonance.

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