Moog Mother-32 part 3: On the record

It took some doing, but I’m now recording. I was trying to get audio production software working on my Linux Mint 19 desktop computer and was having some trouble, so decided I’d give Ubuntu Studio a shot. That’s a version of Ubuntu that’s set up for creative (audio, video, graphic) work. But I like Mint and didn’t want to ditch it from my main computer, so I figured, why not, and bought a used ThinkPad to run Ubuntu Studio on.

Things were still problematic; I was trying to follow Peter Reppert’s Audio Handbook and not having much success. So last night I spent some time on the Ubuntu Studio IRC channel with a helpful person who guided me through a different approach. Eventually I was recording things both from software on the laptop and hardware connected to it, though with some frequent periodic dropouts. Today I took another look and realized I had Audacity’s default sampling rate set to 44.1 kHz and my Edirol sound interface set to 48 kHz. Switching the former to 48 kHz fixed the problem.

So here’s four minutes of annoying bleeps, all from the Mother-32: A Capture (MP3).

And here’s a picture I took to replace this blog’s ancient header photo:Stuff identification, clockwise from top left: Moog Mother-32 synthesizer; Edirol UA-4FX USB sound interface; MFOS Weird Sound Generator; Epiphone Les Paul concert ukulele; Plugable USB hub; ThinkPad X201; M-Audio KeyStudio 25 MIDI controller; Audio-Technica ATH-M30x headphones. Also connected but not shown: Casio Privia PX-310 electronic piano. The Edirol interface, the M-Audio controller, and the USB hub have been around here for years, with somewhat sporadic use; the M-Audio recently had mostly been used to enter music into the MuseScore notation application. The WSG was built several years ago and has been ignored since then. The Les Paul is my goto uke for playing while sitting at the computer. I’d like to mess around with running both the WSG and the Les Paul (and, not shown, my Hadean bass ukulele) into the external audio input on the Mother-32 but am waiting for a cord to allow that. The ThinkPad is new-to-me from eBay and the headphones, like the Mother-32, are new. The piano is probably 8 or 10 years old, bought for my son to use when he was taking lessons and mostly unused the past couple years. I hooked it up the other day as a MIDI controller to the synth, my first time driving a synth with an 88-key keyboard. WHOA.

More stuff coming: Short patch cords (the sample above was recorded with all five of my patch cords in use, and there’s something I want to try that needs six), long patch cords (for stuff like the WSG and Les Paul), and parts for… a thing… film at eleven.

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