The limits to growth

[Edited 3 Feb 2020]

I seem to be going rapidly from mostly empty rack to darn near full.

I just added the Timbre (8 HP), Reverb/Echo (4 HP), and S.H (4 HP) and as of Saturday I have a board and panel for a Ring (4 HP). Today I received PCBs and panels for an Analog Drum (8 HP) and an FM Drum (8 HP) from Barton Musical Circuits. I also have two 4 HP blind panels, one of which I’ll probably turn into a Ribbon Controller Interface module one of these days. That’ll leave me with 8 HP available.

And in the pipeline is a third flying busbar because I have eight modules plugged in right now and, as indicated above, three or four more in the queue.

When I made my case I wasn’t sure I’d use it past summer 2019. But it’s worked out well so I haven’t felt a need to replace it. That need will come, though. I could add two 84 HP rails in the bottom section currently occupied by the Mother-32 and the Ribbon Controller Interface in their respective boxes. But then I’d need to either find a place to put the Mother-32 outside the case (and space is at a premium around here) or mount the Mother-32 on those rails, using up 60 of those 84 HP.

So maybe I’ll make a new larger (and more wooden) case, perhaps this summer when the workshop’s not frozen over.

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