That old pipeline

This site now has a page called Pipeline showing what might… might… be coming. Or might not.

Some items are more definite than others. Like those under the headings

Kits, pcbs, whatever


which are things I’ve selected, ordered, paid for, possibly received, possibly started building, possibly have not stomped into small pieces and flushed down the sewer. Right now those are:

  • Barton Analog Drum
  • Barton FM Drum

A couple of simple but effective-looking percussion modules. Boards and (unfinished) panels in hand. A few parts are in my stash or on order from SynthCube. Others will wait for the next Tayda sale.

  • PMFoundations Ring

Your basic ring modulator. Board and (finished) panel in hand. A few parts are in my stash or on order from SynthCube. Others will be ordered probably from Mouser or some such place, after the Tayda order in case it turns out they’re out of stock on something. Fairly simple SMT, so I’ll assemble it after practicing on some boards I’ll maybe mention later.


SynthCube was nice to me today so I sent them another order, board and panel set for this voltage controlled low frequency oscillator. Less simple SMT. Might be a while before I build it.

Then there’s



  • NLC Neuron/Diff Rectifier

I took a look at this today while module shopping and nearly bought it. Then I decided it’d make more sense to get an LFO first to give me enough CV sources to use it on. There are other modules I’ve thought about and some of them probably are still of enough interest to go on this list but for now that’s it.

Next we have


dealing with stuff I have but want to make different. E.g.:

  • Ribbon Controller interface from project box to module

Pretty self explanatory. The ribbon controller interface is in a project box right now, but I’d kind of like it to be behind a module panel. And kind of not, considering I’m running out of space in my rack. And it’s not like the project box is in the way of things or anything. So this might not happen for a while.

Then there’s


which laughingly presumes I have enough brains to design or at least adapt a design for a module. Lately I’ve been considering two,

  • Adaptation of Look Mum No Computer’s 123ADC
  • Gate Grinder

and I’ll say no more for now. Once I start breadboarding maybe I’ll have more verbosity, and that might be soon: the upcoming Tayda order will include parts for that.

Oh, also thinking about a

  • Breath controller

but that’s been on my plate since last winter and nothing’s happened, so it’ll have to wait for some sort of inspiration. Finally there’s


  • New Eurorack case

which I talked about already. Need more HPs. I’ve been pretty happy with my temporary coroplast case, something bigger and more permanent is what I’m thinking. A summertime project, probably.

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