Behold a new page! Analog Output on Github lists various repositories for various original projects of mine — four of them so far. You can find KiCad-format schematics and PCB layouts, Inkscape-format panel designs, written materials, etc. Be warned these are not necessarily (in fact, at this writing, just plain not) completed projects in final form; these things get public repositories right at the point of conception and may reflect only minimal thought and effort, bordering on blue sky daydreaming. Nothing is guaranteed to work, be safe, or be of any damn use whatsoever. Information provided for entertainment purposes only.

That also means, if you want a peek behind the curtain at what might turn up in these blog posts and associated videos at a later date, there you are.

Everything’s Creative Commons Non-Commercial licensed. Go ahead and steal ideas, make them better, just don’t make money off them without my approval.

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