Surface mount soldering AND perfect eyelashes!

Sometimes it pays to do things halfway. Putting CR2032 coin cells into their holders, for instance. I discovered the Getting To Blinky board I assembled a while ago does indeed work on a CR2032, provided it’s not shoved all the way in. For whatever reason. Same is true for another GTB I assembled today. And the third one… well, I assembled that too, but I was powering through the soldering job so fast, I, ah, neglected to verify the IC orientation and got it backwards. Again.

And I was powering through the soldering because I had better tools. Before I was trying to use a pair of tweezers that’s been around here for ages. They’re not very pointy and the tips don’t align very well and they have God knows what gunk on them from previous use. Realizing they were not well suited to this task (or maybe any task), I blew a big $7 on new tweezers.

Vetus makes tweezers which other companies buy and put their names on. Some of these companies then market these tweezers as tools for, say, surface mount soldering. Others market them as useful for… volume lash extensions? Says so here. “Beyelian” is more fully “Beyelian Beauty” and they are “specialized in false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, and lashes application tools”, but their Vetus ESD-15 tweezers are just like everyone else’s except for the name on them, and they were, at least when I was shopping, selling for less than anyone else’s.

In any case, they have needle sharp points, which align perfectly, and are, so far, clean. The difference they make in positioning SMT parts is enormous. They’ll actually pick up 0805 packages, unlike my old so-called tweezers, and not because they have sticky residue on the tips. These two recent GTB boards went together far faster than the first thanks to them.

I probably won’t be using them on my eyelashes, though; for one thing, I don’t want anything that pointy anywhere near my eyeballs. That’s okay, my lashes are perfect the way they are.

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