No class

I bought a Moog Mother-32 synth in 2018, and not a Behringer Neutron, partly because I didn’t know much about Behringer. Now I know more, and as of today, I know enough to be glad I bought Moog.

Even if you leave aside the anti-semitic tropes Behringer insists were unintentional, you still see petulant, puerile behavior you might expect from the shabbier sort of fourth grader, not an industry leading corporation. I certainly don’t see Moog doing garbage like this. Moog is a class organization. And that’s the last time I mention Moog and Behringer in the same breath, because Behringer’s proved they aren’t worthy of it.

I do have one piece of Behringer equipment: A pedal I never use. I can cheerfully trash it.

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