OBG VCF TLA OMG (part 2)

I got the VCF boards from PCBWay:

Even though I ordered them two days earlier, I have not received the boards from JLCPCB:

Sigh. Not that those boards matter, really; I don’t intend to use them. But then there are the panels also ordered from JLCPCB, shipped but at last report (five days ago) still in Hong Kong.

I can get started building the module though. I could build ten of them, if I had the parts; I don’t, but I do have ten sets of PCBs. They look decent enough to me.

I did spot a problem after ordering the boards. There was a mixup with the power connection. The board should work, but only if the power header and the Schottky diodes are reversed from what’s shown on the silkscreen.

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