Bad boards

My previous order to JLCPCB resulted in four acceptable front panels, but the fifth was not so good:

Three apparent voids in the solder mask evidently covered over by hand, plus what may be just a blobby error in silkscreening.

Monday I got some new PCBs from JLCPCB and after a couple days’ quarantine I opened them to find these:

Plating where plating obviously does not belong.

Those last were two out of fifteen boards, five each of three designs. I don’t need all five and the others have no visible problems I’ve noticed, and the price was stupid cheap, so I’m not about to go ballistic over this. But clearly JLCPCB has quality control issues, and depending on the job it might be smarter to pay more elsewhere.

Disclaimer: JLCPCB competitor PCBway is sending me a free board order. But that does not influence my decision to post this, and if their boards have defects like these too, you’ll hear about them.

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