Mail call 2

I’ve been using some of my stimulus money to help shore up the USPS (and FedEx).

Today’s in order of increasing length:

10 mm, M2 screws and spacers to put a couple Eurorack boards together.

~20 mm, nothing to do with synthesizers or music though there’s always this.

~480 mm, because CV keyboard. Yes, I know, there’s the new KeyStep Pro that runs rings around this thing. But it does more than I need right now, and costs more than I need to spend right now, stimulus or no stimulus.


1524 mm, because sequencers. I believe I’ve mentioned I need to build a new case, yes? One that’ll accommodate all my Eurorack modules with room for at least a few more, and some Kosmo modules too. I had a plan pretty much worked out, and then I found myself trading VCF and Mikrokosmos boards and panels with an LMNC Discourse acquaintance for some other boards and panels, and those panels were 4HP (multiples) and, ah, 28HP (sequencer). They right there plus my other modules would have over-filled the new case’s Eurorack row. So the new case design’s been getting wider.

These rails should be enough, though. For the new case, and at least half the next one.

As for the KeyStep, I’ve only plugged it in and messed around with it, reading the manual’s something for another time. But, disconcertingly, when I tried connecting its CV and Gate outputs to my synth, I started getting high pitched erratic noise on the synth output. On further investigation I found that when I powered it on USB from my Chromebook instead of from my desktop machine the noise went away. On still further investigation… turns out it wasn’t the desktop machine that was at fault, it was something else plugged into its USB.

Namely, the audio interface.

Setup is this: KeyStep and audio interface both plugged into computer USB, KeyStep gate and CV plugged into synth, synth into audio interface, listening on phones plugged into audio interface.

If I unplug gate and CV from the synth, or synth from the audio interface, the noise goes away.

If I power either the KeyStep or the audio interface (but not both) from the laptop, the noise goes away. If I power both from the laptop, it comes back.

On still further investigation, if I change the synth’s output level the noise level doesn’t change. If I change the interface’s input level, the noise level changes. So the noise seems to originate somewhere between those points.

Very weird. Noise always is.

I haven’t tried changing out the cable between the synth and the interface. That’d be worth a shot, I guess.

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