A different drum

You knew that title was coming, right?

I finished up the FM drum. It uses a different combination of elements to make drum sounds than the Analog Drum, but a lot of sections of the circuits are cut-and-paste the same between the two.

I did the front panel similarly to before, but instead of laminating the paper I just hit it with Krylon clear paint. It’s less glaringly shiny and less thick, so I was able to mount the jacks with no problem; it’s also more easily scraped up.

With no debugging, it makes noises and all the controls do something… whether they’re the intended noises and somethings, who knows? Behavior seems kind of unexpected in some ways, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. Most of the unexpectedness occurs at high pot settings, which maybe is expected unexpectedness.

For sure the trigger input is… idiosyncratic. The instructions say

A trigger or gate signal should be input here. The .01uf capacitor and 100K resistor to ground form a pulse shortener, making the pulse length of the input signal irrelevant.

but a gate from my KeyStep causes it to trigger twice, once at the start of the gate and once at the stop. However, if I run that same gate through a buffered multiple, it behaves okay.

Incidentally, that uses the 84th HP of my 84HP case.

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