Gate Grindest

I have the permanent front panel on the Gate Grinder now.

I also swapped out the 1.8k resistors at the outputs for 1.2k, bringing the output voltage up to 5V. It seems to trigger everything I’ve tried it on except the Sample and Hold… which on closer examination isn’t triggering on anything, including itself; in fact it seems quite dead. No idea why and I haven’t looked into it very hard yet.

In the process of changing out those resistors I appear to have wrecked three solder pads. That normally hasn’t happened to me. I was trying a different unsoldering technique, using unsoldering needles. Maybe I won’t do that again. I had to run some short bits of wire to get everything reconnected.

I also soldered the push button. I’d thought for a while since the button mounts from the front that once soldered, it’d prevent the boards from being removable, but then I discovered the switch body unscrews from the terminal end. I also discovered there’s a tiny spring inside that’s really easy to lose. Fortunately I did have another push button.

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