Sam Battle put up a new Kosmo module on the LMNC store last month called 2399 Triple Splashback Delay. You’ll recall back in January I built a Eurorack echo/reverb module based on a Chinese board bought on eBay which in turn is based on a PT2399 delay chip. The 2399 is based on three PT2399s, in series, with separate controls for each. You can get some pretty whooshy reverb effects, but what really caught my attention was the strange and wonderful results it produces in the long time delay region known to PT2399 aficionados as garbage mode, outputs bearing little resemblance to the inputs or, frankly, to anything else. Sam tuned his design to get the most out of garbage mode.

Here’s mine:

The discerning reader will notice a subtle difference between Sam’s front panel aesthetic and mine. I’m considering making an overlay (removable) for the front panel but I haven’t decided. Of course, I guess I can have a conspicuously different module in my rack if Sam can.

You might notice the two switches close together in the lower right, one of them unlabeled. On the Discourse, Nervous Squirrel asked if it was possible to modify the module to have the option of putting out only the wet signal rather than a mix of wet and dry. Sam came up with a solution and I liked it, so I went ahead and used it for mine. It’s just a matter of drilling a hole on the panel, putting in a switch, unsoldering one side of a resistor, and running wires from the switch to the unsoldered resistor end and two points on the PCB.

Pretty splashy.

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