Switched on

LMNC Discourse denizen Cory Torpin sent me boards and panels for three Kosmo modules he’s designed. (Thanks Cory!) Tonight I built one, the Switched Multiple. It’s inspired by the Doepfer A-182 module: Eight jacks connected to eight double pole switches. Jacks whose switches are flipped to the left are (passively) connected, and so are jacks whose switches are flipped to the right. (You can use 3-position on-off-on switches to disconnect jacks from either group, and I probably should have held off on building this until I could buy some DPDT on-off-ons, but I didn’t think of that until I’d built it with on-on switches. But no big deal.) The Doepfer module has no power header; this one does, to supply sixteen LEDs indicating the status of each channel.

It’s a very simple circuit. But I’ve never built a module with 32 panel components! Getting them all in place and aligned took longer than I anticipated. Anyway, it works. Guess I can put the rest of the nuts on.

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