A Euro break

Focused as I’ve been on Kosmo, it’s been months since I built a Eurorack module. But I did have a few boards and panels waiting patiently, and last week I decided to knock one of them off. This is the Haraldswerk Modulation Sequencer by Harald Antes. It was originally designed in Elektor format, but Christian Bloch made a Eurorack front panel for it and sent me a board and panel set.

Basically it’s a Baby 8 with some refinements.

None of the eight pots, eight LEDs, four jacks, one toggle switch, or one rotary switch is board mounted, so the wiring was definitely the most time consuming part of the build. You can see some of the Molex connectors here.

The design is for a ±15V system but it’s a ±12V circuit with a pair of 12V regulators at the power entry. Of course I left those out along with some associated capacitors. To facilitate power connection I made the first use of a tiny PCB from my latest JLCPCB order, a little Euro/Kosmo power breakout. There are footprints for diodes and electrolytic capacitors in case they’re needed, but here they weren’t.

The least time consuming part of the build was testing and debugging. I plugged it in and it worked!

Thanks again, Christian!

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