Pain in the osc

An oscillator:

I built this for my workbench, hence the pin sockets for power and outputs, but it could be adapted for synth use. Circuit is the variable waveshape LFO by Kassutronics. I left out the sine shaper for simplicity and I socketed the integrator cap (C5) so I can switch frequency ranges easily — right now it’s 2.2 nF for audio frequency. “Shape” pot varies the width of the pulse output and varies the TRI/RAMP output from sawtooth to triangle to ramp.

I made a few dumb mistakes I had to unsolder. I dare not show you the underside because I don’t want you losing your breakfast. Compounding the difficulty is that this stripboard is something I got on AliExpress (WHAT WAS I THINKING??) and it is garbage. Copper peels right off if you look at if funny. I’ve finally had enough of these stripboards and have thrown the rest of the lot in the trash. I have very little confidence in the durability of this oscillator but we’ll see. Anyway, for now it works, and the stripboard diagram is good.

Update: A couple hours later it wasn’t working. I redid a couple solder joints and it was working again.

3 thoughts on “Pain in the osc

  1. Mindmeld — I have been playing with this all month. I love this lil circuit from Kassutronics and it finds ways of worming into any hacky circuitbent creature I wire with a bipolar power supply. Thanks for sharing your stripboard layout and encouraging experimentation with frequencies into audio ranges. Rly sweet seein this versatile circuit in a new light.

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