Almost LFO

I changed the PW and PWM CV pots on the MFOS VC LFO from 100k to 25k, the fixed resistors on the PW pot from 100k to 22k, and the mixing resistors from 10k to 200k. Everything seems to work and changing the PWM attenuator (with no CV plugged in) doesn’t change the pulse width noticeably.

The width range isn’t 10% to 90%, though, it’s only about 35% to 65%. Which probably makes sense in hindsight, with the attenuator attached. I considered reducing those 22k resistors but decided not to mess with it further. If I need more extreme widths I can get them with a DC voltage on the PWM input.

The sync input mod doesn’t work due to a Dumbass® mistake on the auxiliary circuit board. I could kludge around it, but I’d rather just leave it as is for now and replace the auxiliary PCB after my next fab order.

Until then, though, it gets knobs and works without sync.

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