Actually LFO

OK, I think I’ve finished this Music from Outer Space LFO.

I got some new PCBs in the mail today, including the corrected version of my auxiliary circuit board that contains the sync mod as well as the power header. The first version had the inputs to the op amp reversed, so the sync mod didn’t work. The new version works.

The yellow trace is the MFOS LFO triangle output, syncing to the Mother-32 LFO square wave in blue.

I mentioned before the pulse width range was limited after I fixed the voltage divider issues there because the fixed resistors on the pulse width control were too large. At the time I said, meh, I’ll just leave it like that, but today I went ahead and reduced R36 and R42 from the 20k I’d originally changed them to to 3.3k. Now the pulse width range is about 7% to 91%. Good!

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