State of the Synth, 1 May 2021

Kosmodrome now has 10 modules in it, or near it in the case of that unmountable envelope generator and the MCVI which is staying loose pending a video about it:

With the EG, it’s now finally capable of the bog standard basic subtractive patch: VCO into filter, filter into VCA, EG controlling VCA. And the VCO pitch CV and EG gate can come from a keyboard, or from the MCVI.

I don’t think the VCF is working as intended, though. It’s definitely not working the way I expect. I thought it was better when I built it but right now, no. It does do some sort of low pass filtering, the filter cutoff changes with the knob, and the resonance knob does something. But the resonance knob does nothing evident until it starts distorting, and the cutoff knob doesn’t seem to do much except at the lower end. I think maybe the thing to do is to try building another one on a breadboard and see if that behaves better. If it does, try to figure out what’s different with the module — and if I can’t, maybe try just assembling a new PCB.

Planned modules remaining: Stereo output, ADSR EG, second VCF (different type), fixed filter bank, and a late addition to the plan, an audio mixer. Beyond those, another VCO and another ADSR, but I haven’t decided what to do for those yet. I expect the VC Waveshaper to end up in Kosmodrome, too, when I get it done, for lack of anywhere else for it to go. And that will leave about 10 cm of space in the case as it exists. So an expansion of the case will be in order before very much longer.

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