Oscil later

That bench oscillator I built last January on a piece of really crappy stripboard was flaky from day one and pretty much useless. I finally built its replacement.

This one I did on one of my protoboards and I think it’ll serve a lot better. Same circuit, different layout. And since I used trimmers this time, I faked a log pot by adding a resistor.

The pin socket at lower left is so I can power it with jumpers coming off a breadboard, or power a breadboard with jumpers coming off the oscillator.

As before, the integrating capacitor is socketed so I can switch off between different frequency ranges.

That 22 nF cap came out of an envelope marked 2.2 nF. I switched it out. The latter’s more appropriate for audio frequency — I see about 60 to 2200 Hz — with 220 nF good for low frequency.

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