VC Shape, continued

While using the VC 4046 Wave Shaper, I took some scope shots showing what happens if I tune to about 440 Hz and then bring in the octaves one at a time, turning them up to maximum and then adjusting the module gain for an approximately constant amplitude (here about 8 Vpp; of course 10 Vpp or somewhat higher is fine). I started with the lowest octave:

Octave -3. The square wave is made unsquare by the decoupling capacitor.
Octaves -3 to -2
Octaves -3 to -1
Octaves -3 to 0
Octaves -3 to +1
Octaves -3 to +2
Octaves -3 to +3

I also tried turning the gain all the way up with all seven octaves all the way up. You can see how clipping changes the shape. Which maybe is an effect you want, but if it isn’t, that’s why I added the gain control.

Octaves -3 to +3, maximum gain. Note clipping at about ±10 V.

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