Onward and downward

Kosmodrome Phase 1 is not yet quite done, but I ran out of space in the case I built for it, because I’ve built a few modules that weren’t in the plan. So I needed to expand the case (so I needed to move Kosmodrome from the upstairs room to the basement, because there was too little room left upstairs (so I needed to get the downstairs computer, a 2010-ish iMac, in better shape, which meant nuking the Mac OS and installing Linux Mint)).

The case is now three rows, 75-ish cm each. The new row’s an angled one on the bottom. Still two power supplies and bus boards for now, but I’ll need to address that.

Also to be addressed: I’m out of knurlies.

So all the modules have a home now, and there’s room for a few more…

… but that’ll fill up before you know it.

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