Current status

Almost as soon as I put the last Kosmodrome module into the case, I remembered something I’d been intending to do while the modules were dismounted: Measure their current draw. Well, I could still do that, it just involved taking the back off the case and fumbling around inside it to disconnect one at a time from the bus boards. I connected them to my bench supply, which has current readouts, but only at a precision of 10 mA, but I connected them via my current tester, with which I can get a precision (as distinct from accuracy!) of 0.1 mA. And which I made well over a year ago, so why wasn’t I measuring the current draw on each new module as soon as it was built? Shut up, he explained.

Anyway, I’m glad to say the bench supply and the current tester board basically agreed with one another, and the results were:

Module+12 V rail current (ma)-12 V rail current (ma)
Audio Mixer44
Buffered and Passive Multiples1717
DC Mixer99
Dual VCA1515
Fixed Filter Bank4646
G.E.A.R. Sequencer280
Neuron/Difference Rectifier99
Noise Cornucopia1715
Power display55
Power display #255
Precision ADSR1210
Sallen-Key VCF1717
Stereo Output116
Transistor Ladder Filter2010
VC 4046 Wave Shaper2220
VC LFO3938

For the ones that are my designs, I’ve added this information to the file in the GitHub repo. And I’ll try harder to make this a standard part of my module commissioning procedure (he said, as if he had a module commissioning procedure).

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