IR Input

I’ve built my modification of the Barton Infrared Input. It’s pretty much as I breadboarded it with a couple of trivial exceptions. One is that I wanted to change the direction of the gate sensitivity/threshold pot… but I managed only to mirror it along with its inputs in the schematic, so it came out the same as in Barton’s version. But since it’s labeled “Threshold” on the panel rather than “Gate sensitivity” it feels backwards. I could have kludged a fix, but I decided to just pretend it says “Gate sensitivity” and left it as is.

Infrared Input front panel

The other little difference is I decided it made no sense to fab a PCB for the external phototransistor; instead I just freeformed it.

External phototransistor

(Later I englobbed the exposed leads in hot glue.)

Schematics, KiCad design files, Gerbers, docs here:

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