Kosmodrome fills up

I finally got around to putting a third PSU and bus board in the case and loading up all those modules I made in March and May.


Top row: MFOS VC LFO, Kassutronics/AO Precision ADSR, AO DC Mixer, MFOS Noise Cornucopia, MFOS VCO, AO Attenuators, CTorp Multiples, Kassutronics Transistor Ladder Filter, MFOS Dual Log/Lin VCA, Barton/AO Infrared Input.

Middle row: Kassutronics Dual LFO, Kassutronics/AO Precision ADSR, AO Audio Mixer, Barton/AO 4046 Wave Shaper, YuSynth Fixed Filter Bank, Barton Sallen-Key VCF, NLC Neuron Difference Rectifier, Barton Dual Full Wave Rectifier, AO VC APF

Bottom row: AO MCVI, AO G.E.A.R. Sequencer, ARP Envelope Follower, YuSynth Comparators, CGS Active Real Ring Modulator, Schmitz YASH, AO Hero VCO, AO Attenuverters, AO Joystick, AO Stereo Output

That included making a dozen power cables in one sitting, and testing them — the testing took maybe three or four minutes, with the cable tester. They all tested okay, I must be getting good at this.

And I did mount the VCAPF, having finally put a working jacks board in it. I got the 9 component PCB right on only the third try.

There’s still got some work to do around the back of the case but it’ll get there. And then obviously I need to make another case. And get the long delayed recording setup going…

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