G.E.A.R. Sequencer

This is a voltage controlled trigger sequencer or, perhaps a better term, trigger sequence generator. It can function as a Euclidean rhythm generator, but it can also create other rhythms via different means. It is designed in Kosmo format, though it can presumably be adapted to any other format capable of supplying enough positive voltage for 5 V voltage regulators.

Rather than sending triggers in a sequence that is completely specified by the user, the G.E.A.R. Sequencer creates sequences based on user specified parameters.

It offers a choice of four algorithms:

  • Gap sequence
  • Euclidean sequence
  • ADC sequence
  • Random sequence

(Hence the name G.E.A.R. Sequencer.) Each algorithm is governed by up to four parameters whose values the user can dial in on potentiometers, or they can be set and dynamically altered using control voltages.

Within limits of program memory and programmer sanity, there is no reason more algorithms could not be added, but these are the four implemented so far.

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