This is a simple MIDI to CV converter. It’s based on a design by Larry McGovern but I made a lot of hardware changes to adapt it to ±12 V, add output protection for the gates, use a different optoisolator, and add an eighth output. The software is cleaned up and modified a little but mostly McGovern’s.

It takes a 5-pin DIN MIDI input and for each note on/off on MIDI channel 1 event it outputs:

  • Pitch CV
  • Velocity CV
  • Gate while key is down
  • Trigger on each key down

In addition it looks for pitch bend and modulation events on channel 1 and sends corresponding CVs to those outputs. Finally, it looks for clock events and sends one trigger per quarter note to one output and four triggers per quarter note to another output.

Note priority is switch selectable: Lowest note, highest note, or most recent note.


Schematics, KiCad design files, Gerbers, documentation