VC 4046 Wave Shaper

This is a modification of the Barton Musical Circuits 4046 Wave Shaper, a module described by Barton as follows:

This is an all analog synthesizer module used to create new timbres and waveforms with your existing VCOs. It uses a CD4046 phase locked loop chip in combination with a binary counter to multiply the frequency of the input signal. It then has 7 outputs divided down from that multiplied frequency which are mixed together. It’s simple to use and has a distinct sound.

In Barton’s design the seven signals (which are 0, 1, 2, and 3 octaves above and below the input signal) go into a simple mixer with a potentiometer attenuator on each channel to produce the module output. This modification replaces that simple mixer with a voltage controlled mixer, allowing use of control voltages to modulate the mix. If any of the seven control voltage jacks does not have anything plugged in, the CV is normalled to +10 V allowing the pot to behave like a signal attenuator.

An additional modification to Barton’s design is that the gain on the output stage can be varied using a pot on the panel. This allows reducing the gain to avoid clipping when mixing multiple large signals, avoiding the need to turn down all the channel pots and allowing use of their full range.

Schematics, KiCad design files, Gerbers, documentation