Synth DIY repositories

Various collections of schematics, stripboard layouts, PCB layouts, and so on. Some of these are DIY designers or builders documenting their modules. Some (*) also are vendors of PCBs and panels or kits but include schematics in the online documentation. For the latter I always suggest at least considering buying their PCBs rather than just replicating their designs yourself; not only is it easier without generally being very expensive, but it supports creators and encourages them to continue.

If you want to build a voltage controlled veeblefetzer, look at these sites first before embarking on designing one. I’ll give you a list of repositories, followed by a list of “bread and butter” modules with (subjectively) selected links into these repositories.

Of course this is a long list of links, and we all know what happens inevitably to those: They turn into a pile of link rot. But hopefully this will last long enough to be of use to someone. Like me. Really I’m doing this resource for my own benefit! Anyway, if you notice a dead link, let me know.


Basic modules

Envelope generator (EG)

Low frequency oscillator (LFO)



Noise generator


Voltage controlled amplifier (VCA)

Voltage controlled filter (VCF)

Voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)