Playing with fire

The Barton BMC78 Infrared Input is one of those modules that realistically you probably would not use much, but it’s fun enough to want to build it anyway. It’s just an infrared phototransistor, AC or DC coupled to a buffer, with a CV to gate function. Check out the demo. I built the circuit on […]

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Bissell envelope follower

I decided to breadboard the Harry Bissell envelope follower, which uses a much different method than the common rectifier and filter approach. Bissell’s claim is that it yields fast response with no ripple. The article describing it is here (PDF, on pages 2–3). I get the general idea of what Bissell is doing here though […]

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Now you’re talking

A long time back, well over a year I think, I ordered five ISD1820 module boards from Ali Express or eBay or something, and when they arrived I stuck the envelope, unopened, in a drawer. It was there until a couple days ago. I finally pulled it out and opened it. After thinking about it […]

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Known to its friends as 1106

Kosmodrome will need a MIDI to CV module — something that’ll listen to a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI source and convert note on/off messages into pitch and velocity CVs and gates. And other things: Pitch bend messages and modulation wheel messages to CVs, clock messages to clock pulses, things like that. There’s already a […]

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Living in sync

A little while ago this LFO mod came to my attention: That caught my interest, since I’d just ordered a PCB for the Music from Outer Space Voltage Controlled LFO, which has a lot going for it, but not sync. Sync is useful if, for instance, you want to create a vibrato-like variation in pitch […]

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Breadboard and friends

I got a couple packages in the mail this week. One was an order of printed circuit boards from PCBWay, the other was some hardware from an Amazon marketplace vendor. The hardware was a set of three solderless breadboards. And some jumpers. (The seller put a lot of emphasis on the jumpers but they’re not […]

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