Processing voltages

There are sexy, unusual modules that can be very interesting. Then there’s utility modules. Not so interesting, but useful. Here’s one: The design for this started out as a clone of the voltage processor from the ARP 2600 synthesizer. There are two voltage summing sections and a lag circuit. One thing that always bugged me […]

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Clocking in

I thought about building a clock module for Kosmodrome Phase 1, then decided I didn’t really need one at the time because Phase 1 had no modules that would need a clock. But now I’ve built the G.E.A.R. Sequencer and YASH. Clock needed for Phase 2! At one time my attitude was that it was […]

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Next case

Back in early June I posted about how the original-and-expanded Kosmodrome case was close to full. Not too long after I started building another case to house more Kosmodrome as Phase 2 proceeds. It was pretty similar to the original-before-expansion first case. It’s select pine dimensional lumber for the top, sides, and front. The back […]

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