Looping slowly

I wrote: One problem I’ve discovered: Looping stops if the decay time is turned up beyond some point I was able to diagnose the reason: Here’s a scope picture at a fairly fast decay time, triggered by the comparator when the envelope falls below threshold: The yellow trace is the envelope. It’s decaying slowly at […]

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Precision ADSR, enhanced

I took the Kassutronics Precision ADSR design I breadboarded, with modifications, and designed a PCB for it. This week I built one. To refresh your memory, the Kassutronic design improves on the YuSynth ADSR (version 2) (and similar designs like René Schmitz’s Fastest Envelope In the West) by Curing the very slow release once it […]

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Envelopes, padded

I went through a long process of indecision and reversed decisions and revised decisions on my first Kosmodrome envelope generator. (There will be a second one before long, but I haven’t even pretended I’ve decided what it’ll be.) What I finally — if it really is final — landed on is the Precision ADSR by […]

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