A Euro break

Focused as I’ve been on Kosmo, it’s been months since I built a Eurorack module. But I did have a few boards and panels waiting patiently, and last week I decided to knock one of them off. This is the Haraldswerk Modulation Sequencer by Harald Antes. It was originally designed in Elektor format, but Christian […]

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Finally got the new case together. My woodworking skills are rudimentary at best and it shows, but it does seem to be sturdy and functional enough. Not a moment too soon, either; it’ll be full before long! The panel in the middle is a bunch of passive “jumblers”/multiples and attenuators. The former good for both […]

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A different drum

You knew that title was coming, right? I finished up the FM drum. It uses a different combination of elements to make drum sounds than the Analog Drum, but a lot of sections of the circuits are cut-and-paste the same between the two. I did the front panel similarly to before, but instead of laminating […]

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Religious conversion is always a dicey topic but I’m willing to give it a try. To remind you, I’ve been building a small Eurorack system since early last year. I have twlve modules built with another two in the queue. A remark three weeks ago from Trevor Pinch prompted me to do some thinking about […]

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A drum

One type of module I’ve been missing so far is drums. You can get drum sounds out of general purpose modules, but putting together a drum kit is easier with specialized modules. I went looking and found a couple good candidates at Barton Musical Circuits. I bought a PCB and a panel for each and […]

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OBG VCF TLA OMG (part 3)

The VCF front panels from JLCPCB, my first PCB front panel order, arrived last week: What looks like white streaking in the black areas really is light reflecting off the not entirely smooth texture of the surface. It looks better in person. Not the highest quality panel ever made by any stretch of the imagination, […]

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OBG VCF TLA OMG (part 2)

I got the VCF boards from PCBWay: Even though I ordered them two days earlier, I have not received the boards from JLCPCB: Sigh. Not that those boards matter, really; I don’t intend to use them. But then there are the panels also ordered from JLCPCB, shipped but at last report (five days ago) still […]

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Ring in the new

Bartender! A round of drinks on the house, if you please! Yes, yes, I know I’m the only one here. Start pouring. I have, ladies and gentlemen — okay, bartender and dog — this very day succeeded in building a Eurorack module with surface mount parts, unassisted! It says RING on it, and it’s a […]

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