Gakken SX-150 reknobbed

I’ve come a long way since my second synth purchase in 2008: (First was a PAiA Gnome some 30 years earlier.) Funky little thing, a toy but not bad considering it cost about $46 back in 2008. Nowadays Amazon has it at $91 and there’s a Mark II (with seven knobs!) for $114. No word […]

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(Edit: Link added) Kenny thinks the SX-150 is pretty fun. And he recently saw the first three Star Wars movies, so discovering he could make noises like R2D2 brought a pretty big grin to his face. He’s right, it is fun. Way limited (considerably more so than the Gnome) but in some ways less so […]

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Need for knobs (edited)

There’s a Japanese magazine called “Otona no Kagaku” (meaning, so I understand, “Science for Adults”) which apparently comes, often or always, with some cool stuff.  Volume 17 came with a kit for a mini theremin, for instance; and a special issue came with an analog synthesizer kit. I noted the latter with interest when I […]

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