Kosmodrome fills up

I finally got around to putting a third PSU and bus board in the case and loading up all those modules I made in March and May. That included making a dozen power cables in one sitting, and testing them — the testing took maybe three or four minutes, with the cable tester. They all […]

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Audio mixer

A new module today, an audio mixer. Yippee. Yeah, boring, but essential. It’s intended for in-synth mixing of audio signals — not as an output module (that’s another story). This one, like the DC mixer, has three inputs, each with a slide attenuator, a general level control, and two outputs. Unlike the DC mixer it […]

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Super sub

A while back Carmelo Azzarello posted a design for a sub oscillator, then later a revised version. He did it on stripboard as an auxiliary device to use with his Behringer Crave, but I decided to draw up a PCB for a synth module version. A sub oscillator is a device that takes an audio […]

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The Meg

I’ve done only a bit of circuit bending, so I’m not up on everything that’s otherwise commonplace among benders. Apparently people have been bending toy voice changing megaphones for a couple decades now, or something like that, but I wasn’t aware of it until Soundbender uploaded his video on the LMNC Discourse. From there I […]

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Positive thinking

The dac/ino board, which is the heart of the Dual Quantizer, has a significant limitation in that the input CV range is 0–+5V. If you have a bipolar CV source — a Sloth Chaos, for instance — forget it, you can’t quantize it. Or you can, but anything negative gets “quantized” to zero. It’s a […]

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Next module: A Kosmo conversion — a konversion — of the Nonlinear Circuits Sloth Chaos. This is a chaotic CV generator. It outputs a CV that varies smoothly and not very rapidly, but doesn’t follow a regular pattern. It usually sort of kind of approximately repeats itself every 15 seconds, but not exactly, and not […]

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Finally got the new case together. My woodworking skills are rudimentary at best and it shows, but it does seem to be sturdy and functional enough. Not a moment too soon, either; it’ll be full before long! The panel in the middle is a bunch of passive “jumblers”/multiples and attenuators. The former good for both […]

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Next in the sequence

The switched multiple’s record for largest number of panel components didn’t stand long. This new module has, if I’ve counted correctly, 59 panel components. Then again, it’s a bit bigger than the switched multiple. 20 by 40 cm. It’s an 8 Step Keyboard Sequencer, my variant of the LMNC version. Sam Battle designed a digitally […]

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Switched on

LMNC Discourse denizen Cory Torpin sent me boards and panels for three Kosmo modules he’s designed. (Thanks Cory!) Tonight I built one, the Switched Multiple. It’s inspired by the Doepfer A-182 module: Eight jacks connected to eight double pole switches. Jacks whose switches are flipped to the left are (passively) connected, and so are jacks […]

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