Kosmodrome fills up

I finally got around to putting a third PSU and bus board in the case and loading up all those modules I made in March and May. That included making a dozen power cables in one sitting, and testing them — the testing took maybe three or four minutes, with the cable tester. They all […]

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All in a week’s work

I built two modules this week: I haven’t installed these in the case yet, but when I do, that will be Kosmodrome Phase I complete. The envelope generator is a duplicate of the Kassutronics Precision ADSR I made previously. The VCO is a new design, part of a larger project which I’ll write up when […]

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Current status

Almost as soon as I put the last Kosmodrome module into the case, I remembered something I’d been intending to do while the modules were dismounted: Measure their current draw. Well, I could still do that, it just involved taking the back off the case and fumbling around inside it to disconnect one at a […]

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Onward and downward

Kosmodrome Phase 1 is not yet quite done, but I ran out of space in the case I built for it, because I’ve built a few modules that weren’t in the plan. So I needed to expand the case (so I needed to move Kosmodrome from the upstairs room to the basement, because there was […]

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Kosmodrome Phase 2

Slightly revised 1 Dec 2021 It’s been over a year since I set out a plan for what I then called Kosmodrome, and after a while, Kosmodrome Phase 1, since after all, I wasn’t about to stop there. And over a year is well over how long I thought it would take me to do […]

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YuSynth Fixed Filter Bank

When planning Kosmodrome, I decided to include a fixed filter bank (FFB). Back in the 1960s and 1970s, pretty much all Moog modulars had an FFB, either the 907 module or its successor the 914. These days, not too surprisingly, Behringer makes one, in Eurorack format, based on the Moog 914. Doepfer has a Eurorack […]

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State of the Synth, 1 May 2021

Kosmodrome now has 10 modules in it, or near it in the case of that unmountable envelope generator and the MCVI which is staying loose pending a video about it: MFOS LFO MFOS Noise Cornucopia MFOS VCO AO Attenuators Barton Sallen-Key VCF AO MCVI AO AR envelope generator CTorp Passive and Buffered Multiples MFOS Dual […]

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1106 all posh

I’ve built my MCVI MIDI to CV synth module, the one I breadboarded here. It handles a range of 88 MIDI notes, corresponding to a standard piano keyboard, using a 12 bit DAC. CV output is 0 V (for MIDI note 21, A0) to +7.25 V (MIDI note 88, C8). Note selection in case of […]

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