MIDI to most accurate CV?

Here’s a cute but probably pointless followup to the previous post. The MCVI module is intended to cover a range of 88 notes, which is 7.25 octaves, so it maps 0 to 4095 DAC counts to 0 to 7.25 V. But suppose you decided a few of those notes at the top and bottom are […]

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MIDI to more accurate CV

I calibrated the pitch CV on my MCVI MIDI to CV module. McGovern’s software takes notes in the range A1 to C8, the range of a standard 88 note keyboard, and maps them to 0 to 4095 mV output from the MCP4822 12-bit DAC. Then this voltage is amplified by 1.77 to go from 0 […]

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1106 all posh

I’ve built my MCVI MIDI to CV synth module, the one I breadboarded here. It handles a range of 88 MIDI notes, corresponding to a standard piano keyboard, using a 12 bit DAC. CV output is 0 V (for MIDI note 21, A0) to +7.25 V (MIDI note 88, C8). Note selection in case of […]

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Known to its friends as 1106

Kosmodrome will need a MIDI to CV module — something that’ll listen to a MIDI keyboard or other MIDI source and convert note on/off messages into pitch and velocity CVs and gates. And other things: Pitch bend messages and modulation wheel messages to CVs, clock messages to clock pulses, things like that. There’s already a […]

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Case two part two a: MIDI-CV

I’m kind of surprised how few DIY MIDI/CV modules are out there. Befaco has one… LMNC has one, but it’s too powerful! It offers a lot of functionality I currently would not use, and its 100 mm width would be wasted on me. There’s not much else, but there’s the Erica Synths one. I believe […]

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