Lots of noise

My next few Kosmodrome modules will be ones based on Music From Outer Space designs, because the boards are available from SynthCube and SynthCube had a 20% off sale Thanksgiving weekend, so I bought them then. It’s been a long time since Thanksgiving, I’ve not been doing much building, but the first one’s done now. […]

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Modules from Outer Space

Three days, three packages. Wednesday, Tayda: Miscellaneous capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors. Some panel pots and a bunch of trimmers. Ripple counters, TL07xs. Screws and spacers. Thursday — Thursday! Thanksgiving Day! USPS! I Know! — DigiKey: MIDI sockets, JFETs, resistor arrays, 7555s, DACs, pricey op amps, optoisolators, still more trimmers. Friday, SynthCube: Transistor arrays, tempco resistors, […]

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Mail call 2

I’ve been using some of my stimulus money to help shore up the USPS (and FedEx). Today’s in order of increasing length: 10 mm, M2 screws and spacers to put a couple Eurorack boards together. ~20 mm, nothing to do with synthesizers or music though there’s always this. ~480 mm, because CV keyboard. Yes, I […]

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I <3 my APPC

The Atari Punk Console is a simple noisemaking circuit originally published by Forrest Mims III under the somewhat more prosaic name of “Stepped Tone Generator”. I’ve built one from a kit by Jimmie P. Rodgers. I modified it a bit: I added a couple of photoresistors in parallel with the pots, with switches to disable […]

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