Case two part two a: MIDI-CV

I’m kind of surprised how few DIY MIDI/CV modules are out there. Befaco has one… LMNC has one, but it’s too powerful! It offers a lot of functionality I currently would not use, and its 100 mm width would be wasted on me. There’s not much else, but there’s the Erica Synths one. I believe […]

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Case two part two

I’ve been doing more thinking, planning, designing. If this new case is going to be, conceptually anyway, a synth capable of standing alone and not just more modules added to the ones I’ve got, then maybe that synth needs a name. Kosmodrome? Maybe. In deciding what to put in it I looked to the old […]

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Case two

My new synth case was planned in mid spring as a replacement for and expansion upon my temporary Eurorack case, but making it was delayed in the futile hope the pandemic would abate more and sooner than it has. During said pandemic I’ve done a lot of building, so by the time I finally made […]

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