YuSynth comparators

Here’s a comparators module from YuSynth, in Kosmo format. I bought the PCB from Soundtronics and put it behind my own panel. This module has two comparators, each of which takes an input voltage and turns on a gate whenever that voltage is above a threshold. It also puts out a trigger on one output […]

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YuSynth Fixed Filter Bank

When planning Kosmodrome, I decided to include a fixed filter bank (FFB). Back in the 1960s and 1970s, pretty much all Moog modulars had an FFB, either the 907 module or its successor the 914. These days, not too surprisingly, Behringer makes one, in Eurorack format, based on the Moog 914. Doepfer has a Eurorack […]

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Case two part two b: VCO

I’m now thinking about whether to change my plan for the (first) Kosmodrome VCO. What’s prompted this is Sam saying he’s going to consider a Mark 2 LMNC VCO. Sounds like it would address the output levels, add a sine output, maybe ditch the 3340 pulse wave in favor of creating one from the triangle […]

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