Progress is weird

I’ve populated the circuit board for my Weird Sound Generator:img_3195-zmemuqhihbth.jpg
except that I haven’t mounted the parts for some modifications I want to make (indeed, I still need to get some of those parts), and I shouldn’t have put the ICs in the sockets yet because some of these mods will require soldering nearby. (The two resistors standing up and waving are like that because I want to insert panel switches in series with them.)

This is probably all I’ll get done for a while, until I get back from a trip out of town. Other than the PC board mods, the next step will be to make the front panel. Here’s a piece of aluminum for that, and another one the same size to make mistakes on:
They’re lying in the case I bought to house this thing.

Last photo’s rather posed. It shows the Extech multimeter I won in a drawing recently. It’s mostly intended for surface mount components, which I don’t use, but you can attach these leads and measure voltages:

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