Analog Output Synth Designs

Since 2020 I’ve been designing and building synthesizer modules and associated projects. You can build them too. For most of them, schematics, KiCad design files, Gerber files for PCB fabrication, software (where applicable), and documentation are available. Most of the modules also have KiCad design files and Gerbers for front panels too.


Most of these designs are modules in LMNC’s Kosmo format. This means they’re not Eurorack, but Eurorack builders, you can use these designs! Kosmo is physically larger than Eurorack (20 cm tall), but electrically it is compatible, though, like nearly all modern Eurorack modules, it uses exclusively 10 pin connectors with only ±12 V rails, no 5 V rail and CV/Gate distribution. What that means is, any of these modules could be adapted to Eurorack — you’d need to make a different front panel, and in most cases you’d need to come up with a new PCB or stripboard layout to fit the smaller size, but the circuit design itself can be used with no modification.

Module (or whatever) list