Messing up CVs

I finished a Nonlinear Circuits Neuron/Difference Rectifier.

This is a module that takes one or more input CVs and, to use the technical term, messes them up. There are two separate circuits here: the neuron is based on a simulated neuron, and it puts out a constant level if the input is above some threshold and a copy of the input with a DC offset if it’s below that threshold. Or maybe the other way around. Or maybe something like that but not exactly. Look, I’m not a hundred percent sure what it’s actually supposed to do and I’m not a hundred percent sure it’s what mine is really doing, but it puts out interesting stuff in response to its input, stuff that changes when you turn the knobs, and that’s what matters, isn’t it?

The difference rectifier takes the difference of its + and – inputs, and sends that difference to the + output when it is positive, to the – output when the difference is negative.

It’s a simple circuit, built around two TL072s.

The Eurorack front panel has three inputs, which are just summed, for the neuron and two each + and – inputs for the difference rectifier, which also are just summed. For my Kosmo version I decided to scale those back to two and one each. That saved me three jacks, allowed keeping the width to 50 mm, and freed up a couple of holes on the PCB meant for mounting jacks but used by me to attach the board to the front panel via stacked standoffs.

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